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Stafford dating sites

The Irish Confederate troops abandoned Obins Castle during the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland, and Hamlet Obins (who had survived its capture) repossessed it in 1652. This family's legacy to the town includes street names such as Montagu Street, Millicent Crescent and Mandeville Street, as well as buildings such as the Fergus Hall (formerly the Duke's School and Church Street PS), and the Carlton Home (the Duke's former townhouse, latterly a maternity hospital/nurses accommodation and now private apartments).

The Blacker family, descended from Danes who entered Ireland in the 9th century, founded an estate at Carrick, on the Portadown–Gilford road.

In the 19th and 20th centuries Portadown was also a major centre for the production of textiles (mainly linen).

Of its population, about 61% are from a Protestant background and 31% from a Catholic background.

The park is now bounded on either side by Obins Street and Castle Street, both of which are references to "Obin's Castle".

In 2005, a public air-raid shelter was uncovered during excavation works near the riverbank just outside the town centre.

The project involves teenagers from both of Northern Ireland's main communities.

The goal is to foster goodwill and friendship between them.

This area is now covered by housing from Fitzroy Street and the Brownstown Estates. For a time these POWs were guarded by Welsh servicemen who had been transferred from Germany (known as "Bluecaps") and who were billeted at St Patrick's Hall in Thomas Street.

Many of the Welsh soldiers chose to be demobilised to Portadown as they had formed relationships there.

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